I’m okay with keeping things simple. There’s been a shift in my life over the past few years from being and doing complexity to being and doing simply. Maybe Solomon was right, there is nothing new under the sun.

Life is not meant to be analyzed to death. I’ve spend my fair share of time pondering and contemplating things. I want to get on with it. Say what I have to say and move on. This blog is certainly a part of that. I don’t propose to be a published author or great writer, although per Seth Godin, I guess I am published because I have this blog.

I simply want to find simple ways to influence, inspire and encourage others in their live and leadership. I want to find ways to point people the right way, using my thoughts, quips, experiences and story to act as guideposts.

Along that line, I’ve been doing some research on blogging and in the past day have found some great resources.

This is a great post by Chris Brogan on the power of storytelling and how to use it in your blogging. has a weekly blog topic going right now on Wednesdays. Follow the comments for great ideas.
The Power of Narrative post is incredible. If you are blogging or starting a blog, this is a great way to break it down into bite size pieces, not only for you, but also your followers.

What’s your GUIDEPOST today?


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