So, I’m kind of new to this whole thing.  I have journaled for years.   I have read books and lots of them and absolutely love to take what I’m learning and share it with people.   But this blogging thing is hard.   I have some sort of block.   I get started on a blog, get into it and then get stuck.   I do the same thing when I’m trying to explain a concept I’ve heard or read about to someone else.    I get all tongue tied and just end up ending it quickly without really speaking it with conviction.

I’d really like to NOT do that anymore and I’d really like for this blog to be a better expression of my thoughts than that.   As much as I want to write about GUIDEPOSTS, I also want to share my aspirations about racing in Xterra this year and how all that is coming along.   My wife and I just recently transplanted to a new place.   I moved to Central Oregon after spending 34 years in New Mexico.  We moved here with no work, no place to live, just a dog and a lot of hope.   There’s a lot that we’ve experienced and learned and continue to learn in this experience.    I want to share those things too.

So, even though I’m not totally clear where this blog is going, I do know clearly that I want to inspire, influence and encourage people.   I have a lot to say, I want to get better at saying it.


1 Response to “BLOGGING”

  1. 1 Roye January 19, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I look forward to seeing what your blog becomes. Interesting the take you ahve on yourself… being tongue tied and all. You may “feel” that way. But all the years I’ve known you something else much more mature and eloquent comes out!!

    Check out my friend Lamar’s blog… his is dovoted to marathon running.

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