This will be short.   I’ve been thinking of a few very simple, easy to implement communication tools.    These are NOT gadgets and widgets for your computer, they are however good ole’ fashioned skills that you teach your brain, your mouth and your ears.


We all need to learn how to actively listen better.  It seems hokey and feels weird but once you get the hang of it, you really do see tremendous results immediately.   I for one, need to do this more and am working hard to practice this alongside NOT interrupting people.   A shout out to my coworker, David Makela, who does this extremely well.   Even though I think it’s hokey.

Here’s how it works in a simple but straightforward example.

Person 1 “I can’t decide if the brown shoes go with this outfit or if I should try the black ones.”

Person 2:  “So what I hear you saying is, that you’re just not quite sure which pair of shoes is going to go best with your outfit?   Did I hear you correct?”

Person 1: ” Yeah…actually, I’m not even sure that I like this outfit. ”

Person 2: “You’re not sure you like it?   What is it about it that you don’t like…?

See how simple that is…and it’s a great segue way into my second point:


Questions like: Why do you feel that way?  What is it about…?   What do you think?  Are there options I’m not seeing?  Etc… And if you ask clarifying questions, don’t forget to practice active listening right back!


I think GapingVoid is a great site.   Check out some of Hugh‘s other work.  This one says it all.   Communication is not about ME, it’s not about YOU, it’s about US.

What’s your GUIDEPOST on communication?


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