Turning Them Over

leaf-on-water1What’s your normal go to response to difficult relationship situations?

Ever think about it?  Count to 10…hide…react…respond?  I’m sure if we think about it we all realize that in most situations we do have a default that is more often than not how we act or behave when faced with a frustrating person or situation.

I was challenged today by the thought that our first reaction should be to give them to the Lord.   Huh?  Give them to the Lord?    That’s certainly not the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m either hurt by someone or frustrated or simply unsure of how to get my point across in a debate.   But it makes sense.

Give them to the Lord.    What does this mean?  To me, it means that the solution is not mine to force.   The individual is not our responsibility, nor do we need to feel the responsibility to bring them over to the “right” side.   There is no side.    There’s certainly a balance with this so please don’t go crazy with this thought.

There are times when as a coach or a leader or an employee or a friend that I find myself frustrated in some way by another person’s behavior or actions.    That frustration is fundamentally my issue not theirs.    Give them to the Lord, love on em, care for em, and ultimately trust God with the outcome.

Simply said but hard to do.

What’s your go to response?


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