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Google CalendarSo, I’m not kidding when I say that I think Google is quickly becoming the goto location and source for all things on the internet.    I am seriously considering moving away from Microsoft product.   Given, Microsoft product probably does most if not all of what Google will do but it’s not free and it’s frankly just not as intuitive.

I’m a coach.   I meet regularly with many clients over the phone every two weeks for a set amount of time.   The calendar for those sessions, for each client is set for the year and is maintained by my assistant coach.   So the only people that have access to that calendar are me and my assistant.   In addition, each session I also take notes for myself as well as action steps that the client and I agree upon.  These are actions that the client is agreeing to complete before the next time we meet.    We also track maximum points of accountability and emails back and forth etc…

Here’s the problem I’ve been facing.  The software I currently use doesn’t allow my client to see the calendar.    And all action step updates and maximum accountability is back and forth in the form of email and documents that must be saved, rewritten, tracked, opened closed…   It works but it’s not smooth, it’s not simple, at least it’s not as simple as a lot of the processes available to people today.   And as a coach, I have a belieft that it’s in my best interest and the best interest of the client if I can help them develop productivity and efficiency in utilizing today’s tools.      We both need access to not only the calendar but it would be extremely helpful for us to be able to share the action plans back and forth on a continual basis.

logo_docs1I wasn’t always a a coach but was a leader in a church for a long time.  In my own experience as a client, there were times when I needed assistance or had a question or simply wanted to share something in relation to an action item or something related.   What if I could share all of that livetime over the internet with my coach?  Well you can; using Google’s calendar and notebook, I can do everything that Microsoft Office does, and ACT does quicker, faster and with greater efficiency because it’s also connected to a sharing function which allows me to tie in my client.

My current software set up has some pretty nifty built in features but these can easily be reproduced in an online format and shared between myself and the client.

Although a coach specific solution is sure to come, for now, Google provides a quick and easy alternative for sharing (securely) information and calendars with 1 or 1000 people.    Cool stuff.

Check it out!



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