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Keep Focused



No matter what you do, right now, in this day, in this place, in this economy you already know what you need to be doing.

I have found myself lately getting the “circle the wagon” mentality, something  Tim Sanders calls the “scarcity” mindset.

Have you?

Then yesterday I was listening to a podcast on my run and what I heard was so SIMPLE that I was ashamed I hadn’t just intuitively thought about it.   And I fancy myself a pretty smart guy, so if I didn’t intuitively figure it out, maybe, just maybe there are others out there who would be encouraged by this.

Here it is.

The things you need to do to be successful (however that is defined for you) in this current market are exactly the same things you should be doing in a good market.

There it is.   Pretty simple.  No snake oil, no get rich scheme hidden in those words.   There are no quick fixes.  Focus on doing what you should be doing in a good market, do it better than anyone else and then when the market turns, and it will, you’ll be better positioned for growth.

“A rising tide raises all boats.”